Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New Review Ricoh PX

Latest review of the Ricoh PX digital compact camera is now live (good, tough little camera) check it out:

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Been a While

It has been a while since posts (issues with blogger and sickness have curtailed my updates, so sorry).

I've been updating a few pages of late (as ongoing work or in the case of the African pages in preperation for introductions which are being written for me as I type). I'm not going to list all the news articles as you can easily see those off the front page but there have certainly been a few new products released (still waiting on Canon or Nikon either announcing big news stories or letting me know of any).

Anyway, two African pages populated with links: - Botswana - Namibia

Always looking for more links?

I've also got a lot of work on my hands with reviews, I currently have 5 items under review, Ricoh PX camera (should be written soon) Pentax RS1500 camera (again should be written soon) Another book from AVA Academicals (review will be written when I find time to finish reading the book) A great shirt from Paramo (not had time to go out taking pics recently so again the review for that is on hold) and finally a Strobo Beauty Box from Lastolite. So as you can see there will be a few new reviews added shortly (I'll post here when they are written, I promise).

Anyway that is me done for now.