Thursday, 14 July 2011

Couple of Press releases

We have a couple of news stories:

Pentax announce new limited edition 645D:

And Lensmaster announce new side mount gimble:

Also Surrey pages now populated with a huge amount of links (took 7 hours to populate, so no small task).

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The push is on!/fatphotograph!/FatphotographerWhilst we have finally achieved the goal of getting a google rank (PR2) and this has helpped push us well over 100K hits a month (and still growing well) it is now time to push on so we are now on the task of improving that rank.

What does this mean, well I need your ideas on how to generate more links to (and its various pages, links to pages other than the front page are great) and preferably from already well ranked sites. I have a number of artivcles published around the net, which helps, but often these are articles picked up from directories so are not uniue content.

I know I could trawl through blogs posting my links, and offering advice, but this feels like a false way of achieveing things.

I am also aware of the power that modern social networking and social book marking sites hold, but apart from Facebook and twitter where you can follow fatphotographer, and stumble upon, which I get, but would like other people to stumble me more, I do not understand the others like Digg and Reddit, and with google + not yet fully open, I think I need help.

So if you think you can help (and please i am not interested in paying for SEO services) please let me know what I could/should do next.

Thanks as always.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

A new update

Spent the morning adding links to the Aquitaine (France) page: took a while (my understanding of French isn't great, and the translators for firefox only seem to work occasionally and not with flash (the bain of my life while developing Fat photographer!

Anyway it's all done (to the best of my ability) take a look and see what you think, could use a decent intro, but that will have to wait till a local fancies writing one (hint hint)